Monday, October 8, 2012


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. We have 14 writers' stories written to the word prompt "knife". Click on the author's name and you'll go to their blog where you can read their stories. Thank you for stopping by.
JEAN JOACHIM  (Contemporary Romance)
"The Dating List"
“You’re a great cook, Janice…of course you don’t know crap about fabrics or colors…but you’re an expert with food.”
IRIS BLOBEL (Contemporary Romance)
She wiped her eyes quickly and turned to him. Shading her eyes with her hand she echoed his greeting, “Hi.”
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance) 
The waiter placed their dishes in front of them.  Pia’s eyes bulged wide open when she looked down at her dish with a huge steak hanging over the sides along with a mountain of French fries and broccoli.  
Nathan “Quicksilver” Silver started at age eight robbing pushcarts.  His hands were quick for stealing from the pushcarts and being down the street before anyone could catch him. 

V. L. LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
"The Foggy Creek Hellhound)
"Man, you drive just like my grandma.”  

“Got ya. Let me know when you move?”
“K. Moving down the slope know.”
CATHY GREENFEDER (Paranormal Romance)
"Moonlight Becomes Him"
 “A knife?” He looked at the double edged object.
“My athame is for the ritual and protection, not for sacrifice.
The thud of the knife burying itself in the wooden wall a hair’s width above her head didn’t bring the expected satisfaction.
They could not leave until the storm died down so Paul sat closer to
Stan. “You know I always thought Bigfoot was an urban myth.”
DAVEE JONES (Y.A. Paranormal Thriller)
Finding Love and Bigfoot-The Critter Getter series
"There is no way you just said…bigfoot.” Kalista said solemnly, almost under her breath, still inspecting the muddied, bloody smudges all over her car window." 
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
October sunlight streamed through the grove of tall trees, its golden fingers reaching in to touch the quiet clearing in the woods.
KATHLEEN BALL (Western Romance) 
She remembered when she wasn’t a stray, she was his whole world. They had spent whole days in bed together planning a future. They never seemed to get enough of each other 
"Rewinding Time"  
Waking up in my childhood bed was as comforting as napping on a bench in Central Park at midnight. A nice idea…but scary as hell. 
CAROLYN GIBBS (Romantic Suspense)
Dan and Crystal were on the small island at a table set for two at the site of the new hotel extension. They were sharing a snack of cheese and crackers from a picnic basket, and a bottle of wine, compliments of the hotel. 



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