Monday, August 20, 2012


Welcome! This week the prompt is "book".  Click on the name of the writer to get to their story. Please leave them a comment. We all love feedback.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"The Dating List"
 Grey paced in front of the fireplace in his townhouse in Manhattan, then looked at his watch.
“Colin should have been back hours ago.”
DAVEE JONES (Paranormal Thriller) 
"Blue Ink: The Skin Stalker" 
He powered up the laptop and clicked on the most accessible news link. He scanned the headlines for any indication of missing women or murders." 
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Lorenzo led Pia out of the crowded restaurant.  Pia was disappointed that they weren’t able to have a decent conversation between them.
I’m holding the book in my hand,
It is the words, I wrote, yet I am holding it in my hand; STEFAN ELLERY (Sci Fi)They stood in a line with hundreds of other aliens, each wanting to get onto a large ship. 
LINDSAY DOWNS  (Sensual Suspense) 
“Did you see that asshole, Jessica. No friggen turn signal or nothing,” Martina yelled swerving to avoid being hit by the oncoming car. 
KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Modern Cowboy Romance) 
“Oh boy! It’s going to be fun. Miss Beverly, the book lady, thought that Mommy was the mommy that went away. I told her that she was my new mommy. Then she asked if she was Mrs. McCoy. Isn’t that funny, Daddy? 
TAINA VICARI (Suspense Thriller) 
She closed the book and hugged it to her chest closing her eyes in disbelief of what she had just read.  This could not be true.  It should not be true.  And yet, she knew it was.   
CAROLYN GIBBS (Romantic Suspense) 
Claire stopped in the middle of the busy hotel lobby and thought what she needed to do next. She wanted to tell Nancy about the girl’s body that was found, but she was probably in a workshop.


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