Monday, July 30, 2012


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JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
 “A shirt. Stan he needs a dress shirt. Can’t tell about the fit with a t-shirt on.”
Jake brushed the sand off her windbreaker. She stared back at the intensity of his solemn blue gaze. What could he have to say that would rock her world?
Alexandra waited until after they had their coffee and dessert before she asked Billy the questions which kept going through her mind while she sat tied to the wooden chair in the cafĂ©.  
As fast as the storm exploded upon them, it moved away, taking the leaden rain-filled clouds with it. 
The blue of the ocean filtered through the cities translucent walls.
Nicky was on her way back to Dublin. With her daughters, Aimee and Lilly, in Los Angles to spend the New Year with their dad, she didn’t look forward to going back to an empty apartment.
Once word got out Kibwe wasn’t the go to person once diamonds were smuggled in, as Jessica had predicted, the power struggle started. Each entrant promising more and better returns on the goods they handled.
Morning sun streamed in thru the glass terrace door, and the fierce Maui waves crashed against the shore waking Claire up. She was in a strange room and had to catch her bearings.
"Sky Blue"
  Katie lifted her skirts as she dashed toward Everett Brown, the Latin Master and her love.  He approached up the front walk of the Pythian House, a grin on his face and when she reached him, he flung his arms open wide.  She walked into them and he lifted her into his arms.  
"Summer's Desire"
Kisses are always needed,” he whispered in her ear.
Summer elbowed him in his stomach. 

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