Monday, September 19, 2011


This week our authors are writing original short stories to include the prompt "LIPS"! Click on the name of the author to go to his or her page to read the short story. We love comments so talk to us. Should we continue with our stories or start new ones? Express your opinion. We hope you'll come back every week. Thanks for stopping by.

 Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance)
"Sexy Night at the Museum"
At six thirty the alarm clock went off. Liza opened one bleary eye and shot a dirty look at the clock.
   “I set it early,” Rick said, rolling over to face her in his bed.
  “God, why would you do that?”

J.F. Jenkins Contemporary
“Are you sure you don’t care? Because I don’t want to make things weird.” I tell Gav on the phone.
“Things are going to be weird no matter what. I can’t make you stop having feelings for her though, but you do know that if you do anything bad to her that means I can kill you and get away with it right?”

Lindsay Downs - Romance 

The buzz of the phone set on the bookcase behind her was a grateful relief from staring at the computer screen. Where, for the past hour, she'd been filling in time worked on the current case for the past week.
Kharisma Rhayne - Paranormal Thriller, Rated G
The next day was overcast and chilly. Maggie was really missing the Arizona heat. Looking out the window, she sighed as she poured a cup of coffee. 

Kay Springsteen - Contemporary Romance
A chill hugged Summer’s spine. She no longer had any need to look for a signature. She should have known. 

 Kathleen Tighe Ball - Cowboy Romance
Summer's Desire - Part 7
Just the thought of Stone’s lips turned her body into an electrical field. Every part of her tingled. She actually tingled in places she had forgotten about. Summer needed to get a grip on her feelings. It was desire, no love involved. It must be because they’d had a history together or maybe it was because he was a fine specimen of maleness.
His mind was a blank canvas, vacant of any preformed idea or notion.  It always helped to begin with nothing, just as the material before him was nothing.

"Lip Service"
His green and gold vestments suited him and enhanced the resemblance to an angel on a medieval stained glass window in a medieval cathedral.  With a sigh, Julie tried to shift her thoughts back to the Gospel reading and to ignore the constant distraction of her youngest son who wiggled at her feet like a small snake.

“I need three Coors draft, a margarita, and a Bohemian Rhapsody,” a female voice shouted down the length of the bar. The wait staff knew how to make themselves heard over the buzz of music and conversation from the numerous patrons that usually frequented Jolly’s Taproom.

Michael Charton (Contemporary Romance)
"A Kiss in the Stairwell"
Esmeralda and Charles entered her building and walked up to the sixth floor, where her family's apartment is. The sounds of Latin music permeated the hallway. Before Esmeralda opened the door...

Ursula Renee (Rated PG) - Historical
"Blind Love"
"I'm on the step," Raven announced as Shawn walked out the house to wait for Bradford to pick him up and drive him to the range. 

Linna Drehmel 
"The Forbidden Kiss"
Symon lay in his privet chambers tormented by all the feelings of guilt as well as longing. He felt as if it would crush him. He tried to block the memories of her, but he couldn't.

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  1. Could not find a place to cOmment on Ursula's blog. But I loved the dialogue between her and Shawn.