Monday, May 4, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Where #Authors #Write to a #Prompt: Sandwich

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A wolf whistle from across the street halted their frenzied connection. “Get a room,” a young kid called out.
Officer Clark obviously did, too, and gave her a questioning look. “Do you know Ethan?”
“You left her out there?”
It was amazingly rude, I know, but I could not rip my gaze from his bare chest.
“You selling my bed to the highest bidder?"
“We have to make plans for the worst case scenario.”
“Let’s drive to Montauk. It’s supposed to be beautiful there. Beach, ocean, and lobster. What say, Maggie, my girl? Are you game?”
“I’d like to see those tapes,” Shane said.

With every step Lily saw her livelihood in tatters around her. But it was nothing compared to the single life lost in the storm.

Shannon heard screams and realized they were her own. Swatting at the closest person she tried to sit up.

What had possessed her to slather on the Blackberry Babe lip gloss for a jaunt to hell?


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