Monday, May 18, 2015

Tuesday Tales - 11 Authors Writing to Picture Prompt #Tuesday Tales #picture prompt

This week, we have a picture prompt and each author is limited to 300 words on their post using this picture as inspiration. Be sure to check out each post by clicking on the author's name to take you to their website.

Iris Blobel: Contemporary - Leaning against the bench, he closed his eyes focusing on her image from earlier in the day in his mind. Tears running down her cheeks, and her small body against his. 

V.L. Locey Multi-cultural Romance - 
The sun was creeping up over The `Burgh when someone nudged me awake.

Joselyn Vaughn: Romantic Comedy - 
“You should nuke that first.”

Jillian Chantal: Contemporary - His broken heart must be working overtime to taunt him.

Tricia Anderson: Contemporary Sports Romance - 
“Lily, I’m begging you. Don’t marry Connor. He doesn’t love you.”

Davee Jones: : Contemporary Romance - 
“I’ve had so many smoothies and granola this month, I’m going back to my roots.”

Morgan Wyatt:  Contemporary Romance - “You wrinkle your nose when you hear something you don’t like. Might as well say, that’s super creepy."

Trisha Faye: Contemporary Romance - 
“Izzy Masterson, this is not fair. I haven’t even showered yet.”

Ursula Renee: Mystery; Multicultural - 
“I can’t believe you have nothing in your refrigerator,” Terri grumbled as she climbed out of the car.

Jean Joachim: Modern Historical - Maggie’s hand shook as she set the plate down in front of John.

Flossie Benton Rogers: Paranormal Dark Fantasy Romance - 

“A man’s soul can be dark as pitch.”  


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