Monday, September 18, 2017


Welcome! This week our word prompt is "crush". Click on the author's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to come back and read all the great stories here. 
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JEAN JOACHIM (Sport Romance)
Sweat soaked Skip’s T-shirt. He stopped to down a bottle of water, then got on the bike for some cardio. 

V.L. LOCEY (M/M Hockey Romance)

I’d watched that replay a hundred times over the past two weeks. 

I desperately needed to punch something.

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Paranormal/Greek God Romance
“So, tell me nephew. Does your father know you’re fornicating with a vampire? Because you know he won’t condone it.”

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Fantasy Romance)
“And don’t try any magic tricks either, if you want to live another day.”

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction) 
“Mama, you keep it up, I’m going to be as wide as your new Frigidaire.”

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Tuesday Tales: It's Picture Time

Hello everyone. Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales, the place where books are born. Each week, a gifted group of authors present you with a new scene from their current works in progress. The catch? The scene must be based on a word or a picture. To make it even tougher, if it's a picture, we are limited to 300 words! 

This week, we have a small sampling for you based on one of the following pictures.  Make sure to check them all and see how creative we can be!

So which image did your favorite author choose?

Have a look and see! 

Trisha Faye   Historical Fiction

“Best butter in town. Came from the best dairy in Covina. I have 

connections there.”

Tricia Andersen   Paranormal/Greek god Romance.

But they were dealing with the god of death.

Susanne Matthews   Contemporary Romance

“Yours is a delightful shade of strawberry blond, while hers used to 

look like overcooked carrots.”

Jean Joachim   Baseball Romance

Walking down Fifth Avenue, Skip stopped in front of a fancy-

schmancy ice cream parlor. 

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Tuesday Tales – word prompt ‘bone’ #romance #amwriting #freereads #excerpt

Welcome to Tuesday Tales, the place for weekly FREE READS! Click on the author's name and go to their blog. When you finished reading, return and move on to the next one. The word prompt this week is ‘bone.’ Thank you for stopping by!

“Well? Good enough to place? I aim to come home with a Blue Ribbon this year.”

“How are we feeling, Grandpa?” His eyes narrowed a bit. “Knees holding up?”

It was too cold, on a particular September night, to be running around naked on a baseball diamond.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Bean

Hello and welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales, the place where new books are born. Each week, those of us involved provide a scene from a work in progress based on a word or picture clue. This week, our word prompt is Bean.

Flossie Benton Rogers (Contemporary Romance)
“This is on you. If anything happens to my brother…”

V.L. Locey (MM Hockey Romance)
He loved the gnomes, which were now decked out in stupid Halloween costumes. 

Jean Joachim (Rural Romance)
As the car drew closer to the city, his anxiety intensified.

Trisha Faye (Historical Fiction)
Arlie’s father winked as he answered. “Naturally, son. Long as it’s not too secluded and private.”

Susanne Matthews (Contemporary Romance)
She was fifty years too late. Why had she even considered it might not be so?

Tricia Andersen (Paranormal/Greek god Romance)
“You have this convoluted notion that you’re my servant.” “Concubine,” Juliet interrupted. “Whatever."

Monday, August 21, 2017

Tuesday Tales for August 22nd from the Word BIKE

Hello and welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales, the place where new books are born. Each week, those of us involved provide a scene from a work in progress based on a word or picture clue. This week, our word prompt is BIKE.

V.L. Locey     (MM Hockey Romance)

Our gazes locked and I had to kiss him.

Trisha Faye     (Historical Fiction)

Arlie squealed with delight. “Look at Mrs. Henderson go!”

Tricia Andersen     (Paranormal/Greek god Romance)

“You’re telling me that the gates of hell are in a Las Vegas casino?”

Susanne Matthews     (Contemporary Romance)

How stupid of her to assume the renovations would’ve kept everything as it had been.

Monday, August 14, 2017


It's picture prompt week! Authors are allowed only 300 words and must write the story to one of these pictures. Check them all out, you won't be disappointed. 

JEAN JOACHIM (Rural Romance)
By now, he’d downed five bottles of water and his lips had begun to tingle.

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)
“You’re pacing is about to give me a case of the vapors.”

V. L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)
He found a stick – naturally – and started poking at the water. 

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Contemporary Paranormal)
Nothing would stop her from finding Michael.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Business

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales! Each post must incorporate the given word, or once a month, the picture prompt. This week, we are working with the word "Business". Enjoy!

V.L. Locey (M/M Hockey Romance)

We tussled around a bit, tasting each other, touching while cooling down, whispering secret things that lovers do. 

Tricia Andersen (Paranormal/Greek God Romance)

“Yes. You’re spirit is like the most exquisite piece of dark chocolate. A little rough at first but once I’ve had a taste I can’t get enough.”

Jean Joachim (Rural Romance)

The business of kissing was thriving.

Flossie Benton Rogers (Dark Fantasy Romance)

“Are the bullets magic charged?”

Jillian Chantal (Thriller)

“Prefer to keep it under wraps?” 

Susanne Matthews (Contemporary Paranormal)

William had been a kind and attentive man, but he’d never claimed her heart just as she’d never had his.

Trisha Faye (Historical Fiction)

George was the first of the boys in the water, trousers up about his knees and hat still in place.