Monday, April 30, 2012


Thank you for stopping by! This week we let every writer pick the flowers they wanted to write about. Daffodils was an idea but no one was restricted to that. Here are this week's stories. Click on the writer's name to go to their story on their blog.

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary romance)
Tuesday night, Megan kept Andy, they worked until nine o’clock to get the plan perfect for Chaz the next day. She dragged herself home, exhausted

Glancing at the address Kaleb had scrawled on a slip of paper before leaving yesterday morning, Paisley checked the house number one more time. While she wasn’t totally familiar with this area of New York, the directions he’d given her were easy enough to follow.

LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary romance)
"White Roses and Red Poppies"
  Tina chose the name Jeton for her son.  She knew the child within would be a boy, a strong child who would grow up into a warrior like his father.

 LINDSAY DOWNS  (Sensual mystery)Ice Queen cocked her head sideways only to perceive a knowing smile on her capture. 
Oh crap, my cover’s blown, Ice Queen not only thought but knew.

It had been several days since the incident that left Katriana in a state of catatonia. Junior had read romance novels to her while she lay in bed. He spent as much time with Katriana as possible.

KAREN CINO (Contemporary romance)

Billy never left the hospital.  He spent the evening in the small waiting room down the hall from Alexandra’s room.  Leaving the hospital wasn’t an option.  God forbid anything happened to Alexandra, he wanted to make certain he was only seconds away.

MORGEN BAILEY (General fiction)
"Daffodils, Eddie! Mum's favourites are daffodils. What are these?"
"Gerberas, my love," Eddie replied, deflated. "It's all the shop had left."
Her eyes fluttered open. She stood at the lodge door. He emerged out of the low heavy mist and stepped toward her. His stride was sure and strong. His gray eyes sparkled like lightning.

Paul continued with his false pleasantries, the host of the party and his captor seemed thrilled at his feigned acceptance. He could not say that the party was uninteresting to him.
"Summer's Desire"
The night didn’t play out as he expected. He tried everything to get a moment alone with Summer. She was quite adept at avoiding him.
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet contemporary romance)
As I strolled through Grandma's garden, stopping to touch a tender bloom or to pluck away the weeds, memories warmed my heart.  
Zinnias meant friendship, sunflowers were wishes, and the gray-green moss symbolized charity.  

She prided herself for being in good shape, but nothing could prepare her for the strenuous rowing expedition she just pulled off. She worked harder than the brief time she had a fitness trainer yelling at her, another get-in-shape-fast scheme that didn’t fare well


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