Monday, April 16, 2012


 This week, for a change of pace, our writer are writing 300-words stories to one of these pictures. Come back tomorrow to connect to the stories. For today, enjoy the pix!

Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and see the rest of the story:
JEAN JOACHIM - (Contemporary romance)

“That’s the surprise?” Caroline turned her gaze toward the four men on the dune.
“I won them at the auction...a group date with the Farrell brothers.”

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance)
Hooking my leg over the post, I watched – no correct that - I stared as my BFF’s brothers, all four of them were washing off in the horse trough, their torsos bare, but looking sexier than sin in jeans and hats. Did they notice me – not likely! 

 LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY  (Contemporary romance)
"The Manning Brothers on the Flying A Ranch"
  Bare skin glistened in the summer sunlight and heat radiated off four male torsos.  Elise braked the car and stared at the luscious sight, the best thing she’d seen all day.   

STEFAN ELLERY (Contemporary)

He was set up, the last thing Pete wanted was to have a confrontation with anyone. He didn’t care how skinny or tough they were. 

"The Jinn's Daughters" 
They were formed from nothing. The lithe bodies, the long limbs, the come-hither poses were not and then they simply were. 

“Damn!” Lydia licked her lips and ogled the four hot men sent to greet her. “This will be a lot harder of a job than I thought. 

Knowing she wanted to be an actress, her flatmate Tim had sold it to her as an opportunity to get in front of the camera, but neglected to tell her the camera wouldn’t be shooting at the time.
Janice had no idea how hot it would be the day of the photo shoot.  She had protested from the start, although she needed the money. She was a landscape photographer and now because of funds she was taking pictures of half-naked cowboys for a new record label. 

Spring Fitzgerald eyed each shirtless cowboy before her. Something wasn’t right. She was supposed to be the Resident in Charge of these grown men? 


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