Monday, April 23, 2012


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JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"If I Loved You"
 She saw color creep up his neck for the first time and it made her smile.
KHARISMA RHAYNE (Contemporary Military Erotic Romance)
"Military Measures"
It seemed like forever while I stood with my hands just resting on his body. I heard a car zoom down the street and screech to a stop, likely forgetting the stop sign that was newly placed there. 
LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary Romance) 
"Something Borrowed, Something Blue"
Without a sheer, gossamer veil edged with lace or a long white gown, Tina’s wedding day arrived on schedule. The sun peeked over the eastern horizon into a soft blue sky with just a few puffs of cloud and rose into glory to shine over a green landscape blooming with flowers.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance) 
The police car pulled away from the front entrance of the emergency room.  Billy took a deep breath, grateful that he wasn’t taken out of the hospital in handcuffs. 

Paul was led out into the audience and under instructions he held a tray of orderves for the guests to pluck. Of course they were not as interested in the moving food as they were in him. 

From the table inside the coffee bar Ice Queen had a clear view of the hotel’s front entrance. The abduction of Ashleigh’s partner, if that’s what he was, had been so smooth no one had raised any alarms. 

Sally exited the mini mart sucking a cherry-flavored Slurpee that matched her painted lips, and headed toward the gas pumps to fill her car. 

On her way back to the house she had quickly stopped at the little grocery store for a few fresh items for Mia’s lunch box and dinner that night. 
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance) 
"In the Driver's Seat"

Margaret Beaumont opened the door of the old Buick roadster and slid inside. She stared at the bewildering array of levers, knobs, and gauges spread out before her 
"Appearances Can Be Deceptive"
Sitting outside the bank isn’t your idea of fun. They said they wouldn’t be long but whenever Ernie’s involved you know his clock works differently to everyone else’s.
The cultured voice fairly thrummed with satisfaction. “He’s heading North.”
“North you say? Are ye sure?”
Claire stood behind the lush tropical trees, held her breath and watched the bridegroom as he finally walked away in the opposite direction. Great, Claire thought. 
Shock rolled through Paisley.  She hadn’t expected his revelation.
TAINA VICARI (Thriller/suspense) 
The day was just as dismal as the couple before. Johnny had sat for hours watching the door of the house on Clyde Street. No movement, nothing but an occasional bird or squirrel on the front lawn.

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