Monday, August 22, 2011


The prompt for this week's Tuesday Tales is "kiss". Click on the author's name to go to their story:

Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance - PG-13)
Sexy Night at the Museum (Part Two)
Liza and Dr. Rick Banks walked from the D.C. subway to his town house in the tony Foggy Bottom section of Washington, D.C. It was a narrow brick house painted white.

Siobhan Kincade (Contemporary Romance)

The day dragged along slowly.  Karen was so bored she didn’t know what to do with herself, and was to the point where she felt she would start peeling the wallpaper if something didn’t happen soon.

Kathleen Tighe Ball (Contemporary romance)
Getting the group settled took much longer than Summer anticipated. All she could think about was the kiss that hadn’t happen, yet. Every time she looked at Stone, her lips tingled with anticipation.

Kay Springsteen (Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense)
 The cold wasn’t so bad. It was the six inches of wet snow that was giving Garrett trouble. He cursed under his breath as he slipped for the second time in as many steps. This time he twisted his leg and felt a hot pulling sensation in the vicinity of his wounded knee.
Casea Major(Sensual Romance - Rated R)
An Artful Kiss

When last we left Debbie Jenkins, she had just received an invitation for a drink in her boss' office – her very hot, newly single, boss she has secretly been in love with for five years.

Elizabeth Black (Romantic Adventure, PG-13) 
Chapter Three
At the sight of Julian Archer, Victoria Crenshaw wrestled between an urge to rush into his arms and another, equally strong urge to claw his eyes out. Victoria did not believe in love. 
Michael Charton (Sweet Romance)
A Kiss at the Turn of a Mile.
Esmeralda took Charles’ hand as they walked through the Greek statues. 
“I look forward to going to Greece and seeing where this great art came from and the source of our Western Civilization.  It is nice to share it with someone.”   

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (Romance, PG-13) “Wesley.    He sat up, banging his elbow against the spare tire, his head against the toolbox.  It was a woman’s voice, rich and soft as velvet and the sound of it was as intoxicating as the whiskey.
J.F. Jenkins (Contemporary)
  Gavin is out and about doing things with Petey, so it's just me
and Marit in the condo - alone. Which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but I am more or less in love with her.

Ursula Renee (Interracial Historical Romance - PG)
Sweet Jazz: A New Turn
Cass wondered when she would learn never to
trust a man who said trust him. Randy had dragged her to a…to a…she could not even think of the words to describe the place. Calling it a
dive would have been too kind.

Catherine Greenfeder (YA Paranormal)
A chill coursed down her arms as she put the phone away in her pocket. Ghosts can tamper with electronics. The voice, eerie feelings, the odd attraction to of all things a picture, and now her cell phone on the fritz
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  1. So there's nowhere on Ursula's blog to comment, so I'll comment here and hope she sees it:

    Beautifully done...I want to read much more of that story... and I think I might have actually been to that restaurant a time or two. :)