Monday, August 29, 2011


Every Tuesday we publish the short stories of writers who write to a particular prompt. This week the prompt is "marching band". Click on the name of the author to view their story. Come back here when you're done to read another. Thanks for stopping by.

Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance, PG-13)
        Sexy Night at the Museum

After an evening of interruptions, handsome Dr. Rick Banks, professor, lecturer and curator at the Washington Natural History Museum and Liza Holmes, the beautiful intern working under him for the year retired to his bedroom in Dr. Banks’ townhouse in the tony Foggy Bottom section of Washington, D.C.

Lindsay Downs (Mystery)
The sounds of the unofficial base band drifted through the open window.Emily, along with everyone else in the CID office, had stopped to listen.

 Summer glowered at Stone. 
“Come join us Mimi, the more the merrier. After our toast we are all closing the adjoining balcony doors.” Stone cocked his eyebrow and gave her a mocking smile. 
“You’re serious?” Beck poured Mimi a glass of champagne and handed it to her. He smiled at Mimi but she only had eyes for Stone.
 I wake up earlier than I expect to. I’m not sure why. Even Petey is still asleep.

Kay Springsteen (Romance) 
“I forgot what a pain game nights can be.” Anna allowed the car to idle forward by inches at a time. The brake lights on the sedan in front of them hadn’t gone out once since they’d pulled up behind it—Garrett checked his watch—fifteen minutes before.

            Small Town Veneer

Late afternoon sun filtered through the branches of the massive oak trees that stood like sentinels on the courthouse lawn as the marching band that led the annual homecoming parade approached the town square.  Sunlight danced across her freckle-dappled hands as Keisha waved one hand at the crowds.  With the other she reached up to touch the tiara that crowed her light brown hair.

Kathleen Grieve (Contemporary Medical Romance - PG)
The local high school marching band tuned their instruments on their local football field located on the opposite side of the fence backing up to Mary’s backyard.  With a groan she rolled over and buried her head under the pillow.  What on earth possessed school administration to torture the neighborhood at dawn on a Saturday morning?

Kharisma Rhayne (G rated)
Maggie sat on the bleachers in the cool misting rain. The moment she had turned thirteen she had wanted to leave this small town. Lanyard, Missouri had been her own remote hell—population 586. No freedom, no privacy, no mall. 

Elizabeth Black (Romantic Suspense) 
Victoria raced down the crowded street in a futile effort to keep up with Julian. She shoved her way past vendors seeking to lure her towards cowrie and leather chokers she would have bought had she not been distracted by a particular missing statue of Aphrodite. 

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  1. I couldn't find Lyndsay's post, but I loved reading what other had done with the prompt!