Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stories from 7 Authors written to the word prompt, "museum"

Click on the author's name to go to his or her blog and read their story:

Jean Joachim (Sensuous Contemporary Romance - PG-13)
"Sexy Night at the Museum"
Liza poured coffee into a cup and put it on the window sill, behind the curtain to cool. Professor Rick Banks liked his coffee black, so she didn’t add milk. Desperate feelings called for desperate measures.

J.F. Jenkins (Contemporary fiction)
I can’t believe they talk about me while they work. Rude much? Then again, I guess I’m just as guilty as he is. But it’s different. I’m not gossiping about him, or trying to play matchmaker.

Kathleen Tighe Ball(Romance)
Randi felt like a fool. Taking a chance on Stone already had her seeing red. 

Elizabeth Black (Romantic Adventure - PG)
"The Artifact" 
Victoria tore through the boxes in the storage room. "If I don't find this piece before the exhibit opens I'm dead meat. It's holding the entire exhibit together and without it the show will fall like a load of bricks.

Siobhan Kincade (Romance)
Pocahontas had always been jealous of Sacagawea. From the day they were placed, the positioning of the other woman had served as nothing but a reminder of all the things she did not have.

Michael Charton (Sweet Romance)
Esmerelda thought over what the man was saying.  Was he asking her to go to Greece with him? 

Casea Major (Sensuous Romance - PG-13)
A shrill screech echoed down the hall.  Followed by another…then another right on its heels. Debbie Jenkins pulled off her eyeglasses and pinched the bridge of her nose.


  1. Great Blog, Jean. And great concept. I really enjoyed eveyone's piece and am looking forward to next week.