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Welcome! Tuesday Tales became one year old in August. More about that at a later date. Today we have stories written to the word prompt "dog". Click on the name of the author to go to his/her blog. Thank you for stopping by!
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance) 
"The Dating List"
Colin pulled into the driveway of the big Victorian house which started a cacophony of barking from inside. 
V.C. LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
"The Foggy Creek Hellhound"
The Flagon and Ox Steak House in Running Falls, New York has the juiciest filet mignon in town. Tonight, it also has one of the juiciest looking men I`ve ever seen and he`s sitting right across from me.  
KAREN CINO  (Contemporary Romance)
Lorenzo pulled up in front of Peter Luger’s.  The valet opened her
door and Pia stepped out onto a black carpet. 
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Romance)
"The Birthday Gift"
Matt McFarland grinned when he saw Katie Sloan coming through the wheatfield toward him.  In her arms she held a squirming ball of fur with big brown eyes and a wagging tail.
My family never owned dogs.  I grew up in a Brooklyn apartment.  It meant you had to walk the dog. 
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
After leaving Valbonne Jessica called John to meet them in the house.
The Storm intensified and Stan quickened the pace. Silf had no
problems following but Paul still not being in the best condition had
trouble keeping up.

SHERRY GLOAG (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
It was the not knowing the festered.  Not knowing where he was. Not know who’d snatched him from his car and not know if anyone had missed him.
CATHY GREENFEDER (Paranormal Romance)
"Moonlight Becomes Him"
The dogs growled and stood between her and the man she hoped to help.
J. P.  GRIDER (Time Travel Romance)
"Rewinding Time"
Branded by my own guilt, like a hot iron burning into my conscience, I wanted to rewind the last thirty years. Make right this muddled life I’d created. 
IRIS BLOBEL (Contemporary Romance)
It was only three years earlier when Ty took his mum and dad, and yes, their loyal little dog as well, up to a beautiful place along the coast nestled in a small cove.
Her ankle twisted and down she fell onto the hard, rocky, asphalt. Her hands stung from the fall. Maggie wiped the embedded pebbles from her hands and examined her ankle. It began to swell. She didn’t have a choice. Maggie got up and limped on.  
LENA HART (Romance)

The pounding came again and Gina jumped out of the bed. She was still a bit disoriented but ran to the door. The cool air of the hotel room brushed against her bare skin and she realized she was just about to answer the door in her underwear.
Ooof, followed by the smell of bad breath.

And yet, I get up without being slightly upset

Pretend to be looking for birds. 
Sadie tipped her chin up and slowed her pace.

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