Monday, September 24, 2012


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JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance - PG-13)
"The Dating List" 
Carrie arched into him, pressing her hips into his, her fingers combing through his hair. 
IRIS BLOBEL (Contemporary Romance)
“Congratulations, darling.” His mother took his face into her hands and gave Ty a kiss on his cheek.
CHRISTINA COLE (Historical Paranormal Romance)
The feeble voice whispered her name. Marissa shuddered as she cast a glance over the cold, stone floor of the asylum. 
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Pia placed her bottle of beer and hotdog on top of the dugout.  Looking at Lorenzo out on the field warming up his pitching arm, she couldn’t believe she was sitting in these seats, so close to the action on the field.
Gina is five foot two, her husband John six foot.  Gina angrily jabbed her index finger into John’s chest
V. L LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
I suppose I may as well tell you the ‘Waiting in Line’ tale and what followed. I`m sure the stories have already been travelling up and down the dirt roads my mailman Gary covers with the speed of Clark Kent in spandex mode.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
Three hours later Jessica and Ronny finally got to get the hell out of the police station. It wasn’t so much the grilling they’d received but the nonchalant attitude from Michaud which irked Jessica.
J.P. GRIDER (Time Travel Romance) 
"David. C’mon.” Mom’s voice pulled me from my mental trip back in time.
TAINA VICARI (Sci/fi, Fantasy) 
Walking towards the jet with the Premier, Sabrina noticed from the corners of her eye Chinese soldiers, armed and ready to attack. She looked down at the Premier and he yelled out "NOW" and fell to the ground. 
CATHY GREENFEDER (YA Paranormal Romance)
"Kiss Out of Time"
"With trembling fingers she opened the door. It creaked and she inched within the room."
 E.A.IRWIN (Drama)
The tic in Madeline’s right eye worsened as she stared across the auditorium. Hundreds of blank faces, she hoped would remain humane, stared back.
DAVEE JONES (Demonic Paranormal Thrill)
"Blue Ink: the Skin Stalker"
"They arrived at the police station before Colin drew any conclusions of his own.  Colin followed the officers inside and they seated him at a table in a small windowless room." 
SHERRY GLOAG (Romance)While she cradled her son, Melanie watched the twins from her seat on the edge of the group. She noted while Sacha laughed and joked with his twin, the camaraderie didn’t reflect in his eyes. 
The wind howled incessantly, making her crazy. Outside the boughs of the trees swayed amazingly far. Everywhere she looked, it was white.
LENA HART  (Contemporary Romance)
She felt like a fool. Seeing the evidence of his betrayal left a rancid feeling in the pit of her stomach. If she hadn’t forgotten to eat lunch, she would have been sick.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Romantic Suspense)
The sound of water splashing in the pool and children’s laughter lingered before them. Claire watched as the expression on Lacy’s face slowly changed.
Paul, Silf and Stan stood outside a large door dressed in heavy
clothing,though Paul had the impression Stan only wore his gear to
make them feel comfortable the Bigfoot had enough fur on him to at least survive the cold weather in Northern Canada


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