Monday, May 28, 2018

Tuesday Tales - word prompt 'leaf' #romance

Welcome to Tuesday Tales, the place for weekly FREE READS! Click on the author's name and go to their blog. When you finished reading, return and move on to the next one. The word prompt this week is ‘leaf’. Thank you for stopping by!

SUSANNE MATTHEWS  (Historical Romance)
"One day our maple products may be as valuable an export as our furs, hemp, and timber."

“Lyle, Rafe, Lyle, Rafe? Bill, help!” Sandy moaned into the phone.

But, comforting an injured child ranked higher than keeping a pristine wardrobe.

The lid creaked open to reveal a miniature book.

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Paranormal Romance)
I’m just trying to take care of my mate. I’m trying to keep her alive, okay?

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