Monday, December 5, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Welcome to winter and a little Tuesday Tales festivity.
Tuesday Tales authors write each week to a word prompt or a picture prompt. This month, we'll have two picture prompt weeks. The authors got to choose one of the seven pictures below. Join us for some excerpts from fascinating stories in the works. Read it here first!
Reading will be quick this week as picture prompt snippets are limited to 300 words.
Click on each author's name to go to their tale. There will be a link there where you can return to this page and check out the rest of the stories.
Happy winter reading. We hope some of these tales get you in the holiday spirit.

M/M Hockey Romance
"Todd, your daddy will think what he will of me, and of us, when he finds out."

Christmas Romance
“Sally…really…do you have any idea how crazy my December is?”

Contemporary Holiday Fiction
C.W. Banley expected her to decorate each tree.

Contemporary Christmas Story
What was it people said about going home? Either you could never go back, or it was where you were loved no matter what.

That screech sounded like a wild creature but it could very well be a person.

Paranormal Romance
The wind whipped around and through her and threatened to knock her off her feet.

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