Monday, January 18, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Paint

Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Our word prompt this week is "paint". Our writers create stories to the word prompt. Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to return and read all the different stories.
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“And where do I draw the line?” I asked, turning my head to look right into his stunning grey eyes.
Here are the sentences: Emma tightened her hold on Gideon’s hand as she curled closer. Katarina met Gideon’s glare. “Gideon.”
"You'd look incredible in body paint."
And who would’ve thought a vampire would be someone who liked the early part of the day?
"No good would come from hooking up with a heathen.”
Helen, huh? Using Harley. What if he picks her, thinking she’s in love with him?
She never wanted to know what he thought. 

Susanne Matthews Paranormal/romance/suspense)
Shoving her fist angrily into the bread dough once more, Charley pounded the white ball viciously, as if it were somehow to blame for every bad thing that had happened to her in the last five years.
“C’mon, fess up…after all the complaining you’ve done about how closed off I’ve been…”

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