Monday, March 30, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Mug

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘mug’.

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Multicultural Romance
Sharing a man with his dream sucks. I spent the next twenty-seven days having a text message/phone contact relationship.

Romantic Comedy
Women thirty years her junior likely didn’t have this problem.

Contemporary Romance
The dark circles lining her eyes told the story of her restless night.

Contemporary Romance
When he returned her smile, she realised her heart was beating faster than usual. She desperately hoped that no one would pay attention to her flushed cheeks.

Modern Historical Romance
“Tea drinker, Burt,” she managed to mumble.
“Coffee’s the drink here, girl. Get used to it. It’ll jump start your day.”

Contemporary Romance
“You go on and keep deluding yourself there. A posh bloke like you would trip and fall in a second and then I’d be out the cost of the beer.”

Contemporary Romance
"I can't get enough of your ugly mug.”

Contemporary Sports Romance.
She looked up from the shot as he leaned across the bar towards her. “So now, tell me. Why did you break Reese’s heart?”




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