Monday, July 28, 2014


Welcome! Our word prompt is "right" this week, our last week before hiatus. Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to return and read the other amazing stories! We will be taking the month of August off. Please feel free to reread past Tuesday Tales creations while we're away restoring our creative juices. Thank you SO much for being here, visiting with us, reading our work, week after week.
V. L. LOCEY(M/F Contemporary Romance)
 “It was a joke." He frowned, a small morning breeze lifting long black tendrils that had slithered free of his braid.  
IRIS BLOBEL(Sports Romance)
She’d been close to tears when she’d heard Markus’ words. Sleeping with him mightn’t have been a good idea, she admitted that, even if it hadn’t felt like it at the time.
“You guys are never going to let me forget that, are you?” Philip stuck out his bottom lip.
SARAH CASS(Contemporary)
He went from standing still to pacing around her in a heartbeat. She couldn’t decide if it was more lion stalking its prey, or caged animal working off nerves while looking for an escape.  
DAVEE JONES(Contemporary Adult Romance) 
Multiple Scorgasms 
My recent obsession with pie and brownies had something to do with it." 
TABITHA SHAY(Historical Romance)
Startled, Emily snatched up the rifle and leveled it on his chest. “Don’t move.”
He dropped the reins and raised his hands in surrender. “No ma’am. I reckon I’ll just stand right here until you tell me otherwise.” STEFAN ELLERY(Thriller)
He landed on the lower roof his feet slid on the gravel and he leaned over too far.
JAMIE SALISBURY(Mainstream Fiction)
I heard the sound of Jack letting out a deep breath. "You want to clue me in?"
"Jim is the man who murdered Charles. I'm convinced of it."
MORGAN K. WYATT (Cougar Romance)
At one time, she thought his name signaled she finally stumbled across a good man.

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