Monday, March 10, 2014


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week our writers are writing to the prompt "End". Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Remember to return and read all the great stories. Thank you for coming. 
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
The Scent of Love
   Steam was coming out of Jory’s ears as she strode down the sidewalk to Haven’s Heart Pub. 
TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction) 
Don’t give me no sass,” Bea hollered down the hall. “Up and at em! Come eat yore breakfast so we can get cleaned up and head to church.”
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Steampunk Romance)
He was sure he was about to become a hermit again but not because he feared the world.  Once he got this beauty in his bed he wasn't about to leave. 
V.L.LOCEY (M/M Historical Romance)
Truly, the wonders of a whorehouse never seemed to escape me.
JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary Romance)
If she didn’t know better, she’d think he was flirting with her.
“Dad, I love you,” she whispered, as they started to the stairs.
IRIS BLOBEL (Sports Romance)
At that moment she noticed, that apart from the move to Melbourne nothing had really changed. She had wanted a change, but moved east with the same clothes, same car and even the same furniture!
MORGAN K. WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
The Inheritance
A doll-like woman makes that type feel like a man, but it doesn’t make him one.
SARAH CASS (Historical Paranormal)
It was a mark of possession, probably the only way they were able to keep her from returning to her true pack once she grew into her Were form.
Kelley, pulled her keys out of her purse, they weighed far more than necessary, the kubotan attached to her key chain was made by her father on his hobby lathe, instead of aluminum it was made of brass with a sharp point at the end.
DAVEE JONES (YA Paranormal Romance)
Finding Love in a Black Lagoon
“Oh, yea, and I bet Pearl is coming over or something, so, you’re just seeing how much time you have to spend with me. It’s the beginning of the end, I can see it now.”
KATHLEEN BALL (Western Romance)
 “Hey, darlin’, it’s way too cold out there for you. I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable talking about your husband."
SHERRY GLOAG (Regency Romance)
While the man inclined his head, Consuela noted his smile failed to reach his eyes.

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