Monday, June 17, 2013


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week we are writing to picture prompts. Yes, plural. To shake things up a bit and give our writers some freedom, they have chosen their favorite picture from four. So you'll have to click on the author to see what picture they selected and read their story. Enjoy and thanks for coming!
 JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"The Big Lie"
She dropped her coffee mug, which shattered on the floor, spraying her legs with warm coffee.  
LINDSAY DOWNS (Erotic Paranormal)
“I know I’m not early and it’s the right day,” she mumbled to herself. “I wonder if he knows about my other half?”
V.L. LOCEY (Sports Romance)
"I couldn`t begin to make him see anything besides my lies and – and betrayals.”
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Contemporary Romance)
Chloe and Max stepped inside the small store filled with all sorts of ancient trinkets.  The room was cast in a soft gold glow.
SARAH CASS (Contemporary Romance)
The past two years had been spent in that shop. Her entire life had taken place in this small town.
Less than two minutes later after sifting through the few objects and laying the letters on the counter surface, she’d looked up and he’d vanished. 
STEFAN ELLERY(Contemporary)
Nate sat in his Adirondack next to the twin of his late wife's chair. He smiled  recalling the touch of her hand on his arm while they were watching the sun rise over the pristine lake. 
DAVEE NIELSEN (Erotic Romance)
"Sexy Bea Spelling"
“Never in a million years would I have thought a ménage a` trois would be on my bucket list.” Bea’s cheeks reddened and she twisted the scarf between her hands.

Adrift in the modern world, Georgia knew the past was her proper world. When a trip to an antique stores sends her to the past, her place may be more dangerous than the one left behind. 
What ever possessed her to think she could reignite a relationship with him in the first place was beyond her. 

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