Monday, January 28, 2013


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. Thank you for stopping by. We're writing to the prompt "Light" this week. Just click on the author's name to go to their blog and read their story.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
She knew when that being in the same small town with Will Benson wasn’t going to be easy. He had moved on but had she?
DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary Romance)
“You just stay in there until you sober up, buddy.” The metal clinking of the jail cell door echoed through Rand Bartlett's brain, causing his head to throb even more.
CHRISTINA COLE (Sensual Historical Romance)
Three days. Not a moment longer.  She would attend to business first thing Monday morning, 
and by Tuesday afternoon she would be on her way back home to San Francisco. 
“Are you hurt?” The voice came from somewhere far away, and Jim struggled to focus on the source. A figure in front of him swam into view.
“Not physically,” he uttered in a voice devoid of emotion.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
Twenty-five minutes later, the yacht tied to the pier and on shore power, Jessica sent the two SAS members up for food. She then turned to the others and with a smile gathered them to her.
V. L. LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
“Let loose the Kraken!”  
E.A. IRWIN (Romance)
Aquamarine panorama fills my vision. Pounding surf, upon ancient rock, seduces my ears. 
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Medieval Fantasy)
Miranda swept silently down the dirt path beneath the lush fragrant canopy of the towering pine trees.  The light of the full moon above cast everything in the forest in an unearthly pale glow.
It happened so fast Paul did not have a chance to panic. Stan smashed the window with his fist jumped grabbed Paul around the waist with a strong arm and jumped through.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Pia to this day remembers repeatedly asking him to bring her back to her hotel room, but Larry kept saying soon. 
SARAH CASS (Urban Fantasy)
The high pitched whine of a delivery truck’s brakes penetrated the sanctuary of peace I’d built. Heavy footsteps plodded through the snow, a shadowy form growing larger through the intricate frosted glass. 
IRIS BLOBEL (Aussie Romance)
“Why are you here?” she asked, facing him again. He couldn’t get enough of looking at her.  
KATHLEEN BALL (Western Romance)
Rolly Ford had been a classmate of Maggie and Hunter. He was the high school quarterback, sexy as all get out. 
“Look, look, he kissed her again!” Little girl giggles broke out across the darkened room."  
SELAH JANEL (Dark Fantasy)
As they approached the village it became easier to see actual details of the little houses. It was so easy to think of towns as collections of ragged thatched roofs, walls that would need to be repaired after another hard winter, doors that kept people out as much as they welcomed. 
TAI VICARI (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
It had been months since Katriana had become immortal. Her training with Sabrina was brutal at times and she couldn't wait to be in Junior's arms after her sessions were over. She found herself sometimes regretting her decision but every night she knew why she did.


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