Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Stories by 13 Writers Written to the Prompt "Tree"

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"If You Loved Me"
The breeze picked up making Megan wrap her arms around her torso. Chaz took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.  
DAWNE PROCHILO (Historical Western Romance)
“Come on, darlin'. Let's get you inside.” Cody words penetrated her sleep. 
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual mystery)
The sound of the hotel room door closing brought a coquettish smile to her lips and a glance over her bare shoulder to the tangled sheets on the bed. A small pile of torn wrappers littered the floor and bed brought back interesting and forgettable thoughts.
The trees of the Tug River on the West Virginia Kentucky border stand as silent witnesses. 
KAREN CINO (Contemporary romance)

Alexandra waited patiently for Billy to return.  She wasn’t a fool.  Something was going on that Billy was keeping from her. The minute he closed the front door, she was down the stairs looking for clues. 
Falling silent, Zeke hoped that his sister would let it drop, but he should’ve known better.
“Fine, don’t admit it.” Charlotte scowled at him. 
Hundreds of pattering sounds on the ship alerted Silf and Paul to the tiny creatures moving around on the hull. Silf pressed a button a blue arc of light surrounded the vessel for a brief moment.
"Hold On"
No-one’s told him how he should be feeling but it’s nice… a kind of tingling. He stares at his new neighbour. He wants to curl his mouth, if he had one, like he’s seen those pink stick things do.
By November, autumn departed but winter remained elusive.  A spell of Indian summer set in just after the last of the apples were harvested from the orchards.  
SELAH JANEL (Urban fantasy)
The folks had kept a patch of land reserved for pine trees since I could remember Christmas. It wasn’t officially the holiday season until we were harvesting some to donate to different community functions and selling the rest. 
KATHLEEN BALL (Modern cowboy romance)
"Summer's Desire"
It hurt to know that Summer would rather live on her own. That’s what he promised her and he’d go through with his vow.
CATHY GREENFEDER (Contemporary romance)
 Several generations of the Murphy family had used the cottage as summer vacation homes and holiday getaways. The lakeside cottage stood amid the backdrop of trees and ferns.
Odd how fate brought Kate back.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Romantic suspense)
Claire found her spot at the Book Fair and neatly displayed the copies of her latest novel. She took out a few trinkets to give away to readers, pens, bookmarks and disk copies sampling some of her earlier works. 
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