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The following writers have written 300-word stories prompted by this picture. Click on the author's name to go to their story. Thank you for stopping by. We hope you will leave a comment. Every writer has a link for you to return here and read more.

"We don't need bathing suits here," Chas said as he ripped his t shirt over his head.
Jenny blushed when a wicked grin spread across his face.

"Where are the kids?”  She pushed his hands away.

“You mean our little demon-spawn?” He nuzzled her neck, backing her towards their tent. 

It didn’t matter that the sky was perfect, the sand warm. The luscious palm trees, the still water – all of it was the setting of the damned. 

Gabby awoke with a start and sat up. As quickly as she went up, she groaned and returned to lying down.
'Get a grip, man,' he muttered as the hairs on the back of his neck began to rise.  What on earth could be wrong with the tranquility of his surroundings?

Long before they were together he’d worn Hawaiian shirts, those crazy, bright, loud shirts screaming for attention, begging for a tropical vacation.

“Hurry!” Mike tugged on Jenna’s hand, urging her to run faster over the uneven ground.

"The Getaway"
“Montego Bay, baby. Seven days in the sun, seven nights in tropical heaven.”
She fought to keep her eyes open but the sun warmed grass, a gentle breeze rustling nearby palm fronds, the soft, almost silent lap of water against the boat had other ideas. 

Claire Jenkins, mystery author, stepped out of the rustic rowboat as it neared the beach, then pulled it ashore. Taking a break during a writer’s conference in Hawaii, she was off to explore the smaller island across the shore.

Heat makes you do strange things. So do dames.

 “It's beautiful here,” I took a good look around, absorbing the tropical paradise surrounding me. All of the rich flower smells and the moist air reminded me instantly of home.
Sid looked at the the lagoon and the pristine nature that the island held. No doubt there was lots of food that could be gathered. 

"Badge of Honor"
You know it could be anything, but you’re pretty certain it’s a body. You want to say something to Neville, but you know he’ll laugh at you, as he does

RAWIYA (Contemporary M/M/ erotic romance)
“Bring it here!” Peter called out to the young man he’d had has eyes on for the past three months. Finally they decided to go out on a date after both got over their fears.  

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